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Nude Dude, Bruce Totally Nude at University of Arizona Mall
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Me in 1983 at the University of Arizona // Totally Crazy

I was homeless and a virgin by choice, made the backpack & dress myself, by hand. Every weekday I'd make a new sign & sit downtown. One day I decided to go with all
my signs to the University. This pic was on the front-page of the Arizona Daily Wildcat, 25 January 1983. In the backpack I carried a plastic mixing bowl, some soy & wheat
flower, yeast & salt. I'd make bread in the microwave at the University hospital. That's all I ate besides vitamin C. Downtown I met a really nice Russian lady, we became
best friends & neighbors. Everyone downtown liked me, I made many friends including the twin Pima County Superior Court judges, several lawyers and workers, the
students thought I was cool too.