Slaves, give entire obedience to your earthly masters . . . Be submissive to the government and
authorities . . . they are God's agents working for your good.
                                        -- "Saint" Paul, New Testament; Colossians iii, 22; Titus i, 1; Romans xiii, 1.

-- Paul is anti-Christ because what he says is illogical (or trite)
Jesus was the Logos-Logic of God --
The final step is when the new socialist [communist] society reaches the stage where
profit and money disappear. It is through transforming society into a fully productive
society, and through reaching in production a level where the material needs of the
members of society are satisfied. On that final stage, profit will automatically
disappear and there will be no need for money.
-- MUAMMAR AL QATHAFI, The Green Book: The Solution of the Economic Problem, pt. 2
(1977) Qathafi (spelled this way in the book), the populist leader of Libya, is a theistic communist who believes in
eliminating money. He proposes to form a United States of Africa. President Reagan bombed Qathafi's house killing his
adopted daughter. [This screed was written shortly thereafter. More praise of Gadhafi, below.]

Finally, when all capital, all production, and all exchange are concentrated in the hands of the
people, private ownership will automatically have ceased to exist, money will have become
superfluous, and production will have so increased and men will be so much changed that the
last forms of the old social relations will also be able to fall away.
-- F. ENGELS, Principals of Communism, 1847

The task of abolishing the essence of Jewry is actually the task of abolishing the
character of civil society,
abolishing the inhumanity of the present-day practice of life, the
most extreme expression of which is the
money system.
-- KARL MARX, The Holy Family, [italics in original], 1845

Communist society will know nothing of money [or barter/work credits] . . . socialism is an
intermediate stage between capitalism and communism.
-- NIKOLAI BUKHARIN, The ABC of Communism, 1919 Bukharin was a colleague of Lenin
and editor of Isvestia; he was arrested for betraying the socialist revolution, his book was
banned and in 1938, after a show-trial, he was executed.

The demonic person thinks: "So much wealth do I have today, and I will gain more and more according to my schemes.
So much is mine now, and it will increase in the future, more and more. He is my enemy, and I have killed him; and my
other enemy will also be killed. I am the lord of everything, I am the enjoyer, I am perfect, powerful and happy. I am the
richest man, surrounded by aristocratic relatives. There is none so powerful and happy as I am. I shall perform
sacrifices, I shall give some charity, and thus shall I rejoice." In this way, such persons are deluded by ignorance.
-- KRISHNA, Bhagavad-Gita, xvi, 16

The dictature of money marches on, tending to its material peak, in the Faustian civilization as in every other. And now
something happens that is intelligible only to one who has penetrated the essence of money. If it were anything
tangible, then its existence would be forever -- but, as it is a form of thought,
it fades out as soon as it has thought its
economic world to finality,
and has no more material upon which to feed . . . We have not the freedom to reach to this
or that, but to do the necessary or to do nothing. And a task that historic necessity has set will be accomplished with
the individual or against him.
--OSWALD SPENGLER, The Decline of the West, Vol. 2, conclusion [italics in original], 1922
"A shameful lot," said the missionary, "especially the women. The sight of their
nakedness is bound to make the lusts of the flesh rise in a man. The first part of our work is
naturally concentrated upon making them wear proper clothes. We hope that within two or
three years there won't be a woman exposing her breasts in the tribe."

"You will have them clothed like the Wapisianas?" I enquired.

"Yes. Naturally. We will concentrate upon the women, for they are the cause of all the sin.
However, they are weak vessels, perpetually vain, and by appealing to their vanity it
should be easy to make them wear decent clothes. That is one reason why we spare no
expense to establish a comfortable station — you will be surprised how comfortable we are
— we already have an electric washing machine and we hope soon to have a refrigerator
— so that our wives can live with us and set an example of Christian dress and modesty,
which the native women will want to imitate. Once a few articles such as guns for the men,
or clothing for the women, have become necessary for them, we can really get down to
catechizing, for they will have to earn money and in consequence will have to live round
the station where we can control and guide them into better ways. There is plenty for them
to do — housework, cutting wood, clearing and planting and tending the mission fields. And
the more they do, the more time we in turn will have for our devotions."
She gave us all a
dazzling smile
through the
forests north of
the Amazon,
Guppy, Nicholas;
London, Murray
A Messiahs' Kingdom of God(liness) and True Communism will not have international
boundaries, money, laws, bank-temple-towers, insurance and land-lords; nor will it be
established with tanks, battleships and bloodshed; neither will there be a concentration camp
Christ consigning the wheat to heaven and the chaff to a burning pit -- eliminating money will
separate the mature wheat from the "chaff."
Gadhafi's rule
Letter to the editor of the Arizona Daily Star, by Lillian Nelson, 1/17/04
Re: the Jan.12 letter "Only hypocrites praise Gadhafi."

I lived in Libya for three years in Marsa El Brega, (on the Bay of Sirte) and learned a lot about how Moammar
Gadhafi rules his people. The first important thing I learned was that he put an end to the horrid practice of
female circumcision [removal of the clitoris].

Gadhafi had water and electricity brought to various outposts on the desert. He had satellite schools placed so
the Bedouins could educate their children.

Gadhafi also had homes built in th town neighboring where we lived to accommodate the Bedouins in a try to
give them a reason for living in a town.

If a [Libyan] student qualifies, he is given a scholarship to a university here in the United States. If the young
man happens to be married, his wife and children are allowed to go with him [to the United States] at no
expense. . . .